branding, packcaging


Branding and packaging design for a jewelry brand ‘mellow’, designed by Mellow Fukushima. Her jewelry pieces often take inspirations from flowers, plants and natural shapes found in her surroundings. To capture that essence, the rebranded logo is designed to interprete natural elements such as grasses dancing in the wind and water surface.

The logotype and emblem, in their minimalistic forms, embrace the brand that continue to explore different expressions. The brand is a reflection of the designer Fukushima’s personal thoughts, that grow with time, and the logo is designed to be timeless, borderless and genderless. Though the details of the logotype are distinctive, when engraved onto the jewelry, they subtly rest and coexist with the forms of the jewelry.

jewelry design: mellow fukushima
direction & graphic design: koyuki inagaki
special thanks: yumi okano