packaging design

Satoyama Jujo

Packaging design for binned products, produced by Satoyama Jujo, a 13-rooms inn located in Niigata prefecture, Japan.

The design initiated from thinking how Satoyama Jujo enables to translate
traditional context into modern-day sensibilities. By blending elements such as
the Japanese map and vertical texts with English copywriting, we attempted to achieve a design with universal appeal, for audience from both outside and inside of Japan.

The dynamically laid out hand-written font plays a role as a pattern, as well as an expression for Satoyama Jujo’s handmade charms.

Five bins including two kinds of honey and three kinds of miso.

Left: Japanese honey bee, Right: Western honey bee

Satoyama Jujo is one of the four hotels in Japan that has been selected by Design Hotels. (as of Aug 2019) The building was originally an old Japanese folk house aged 150 years old, renovated and redesigned by Toru Iwasa – founder of lifestyle magazine “Jiyujin.” Designer furnitures exampled by Scandinavian furnitures, breathe in new attractiveness to the traditional charms of the folk house, creating a comfortable harmony.

Japanese map shows the location of Niigata

The coloured ribbon differentiates the types of honey and miso.

art direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc.
graphic design: koyuki inagaki, artless Inc.
assistant design: hitomi yasuda, artless Inc.
project management: asami kinoshita, artless Inc.
photography: yuu kawakami, artless Inc.